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College transfer credits made easy

We've helped students like you earn their degree faster by accepting college credits from over 5,000 accredited institutions. In most cases we can request your transcripts for you - at no cost to you.

Other transfer credit students saved*

*Based on the 25th and 75th percentile of transfer credits awarded to University of Phoenix undergraduate students in 2022.

What other transfer credit students saved*

*Savings based on the 25th and 75th percentile of transfer credits awarded to  University of Phoenix undergraduate students in 2021.

How to transfer credits between colleges


Collect a list of schools where you’ve completed courses.


Submit your University of Phoenix online application.


Complete your transcript request form, for evaluation, with your application.

What is the difference between courses and credits?

College transfer courses and college transfer credits are closely related.

College transfer courses are typically comprised of one or more college credits. If a successfully completed course meets all of the requirements, college transfer credits may be applied to your program.

Questions other students are asking

Prior coursework from a degree-granting institution with institutional accreditation, or credit earned through a national testing program such as the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES or Advanced Placement, may be transferable, depending on your grades/scores. Your professional training or military training may also be converted into academic credits.

Not at all. Your GPA will be determined by the credits earned in residence at University of Phoenix.

The transfer of credits is at the discretion of the receiving institution.  The University of Phoenix can perform a pre-evaluation using your unofficial transcripts to give you an idea of how your transfer credits may apply to your selected program.  Officially, you need to complete the admissions form, provide information about all schools attended, and sign the transfer request form. When all forms and transcripts are received, you’ll know for sure what transfer credits will apply.

You don’t pay to transfer college credits. In most cases we can request your official transcripts from prior institutions for you. This saves you time and money. In some cases, institutions may require you to make the request directly.

You might be able to apply military training for college credit. We will request your Joint Service Transcript (JST) for you, and evaluate your military experience using credit recommendations from the American Council for Education (ACE).

Yes. Transfer your associate degree from an institutionally accredited community college to save $144 per three-credit course. We have relationships with community colleges across the country that make transferring credit to University of Phoenix easier for you. If you have your associate degree our 3+1 Transfer Pathway lets you transfer 87 credits, the equivalent of three years, from a participating community college.

Talk with an enrollment representative to learn more about applying Prior Learning Assessment to apply for credit for what you have learned through work and life experiences. Alternative credit providers and national testing programs are other options that allow you to save.

Get evaluated for academic credentials from a number of international colleges and universities. If we’re unable to review your credits for some reason, we’ll direct you to an agency that can. Note that foreign language transcripts require certified English translation.

Be sure to check with other colleges about their credit transfer process as every college is different. University of Phoenix accepts transfer credits and has received transfer credits from over 5,000 accredited institutions. 

Transfer credits are any college level courses completed with an acceptable grade as outlined in the transfer credit policies at a degree granting, accredited institution and applied to the desired University of Phoenix program.

The good news is that college credits never expire, however completed credits may not always apply to specific courses needed for a particular program or institutional policy limitations may limit the number of credits that can be applied. It is recommended to have all transcripts reviewed to see what credits may be applied for potential credit to your program.

Discover ways to save with the Savings Explorer™ tool

Students with eligible credits and relevant experience on average saved:


1 year

Off their undergraduate degree with University of Phoenix.

How to check if courses transfer

The best option is to call and speak with an enrollment representative who can help you determine how your credits may transfer.
You can also check out our transfer guides to see how courses will transfer into a University of Phoenix degree program with hundreds of community college transfer agreements.